MOAASER is a free non-profit online music academy that provides annual workshops and courses on contemporary music for Persian-speaking students. Formerly known as MMCiran, founded by Nasim Khorassani in 2020, MOAASER is now co-founded by Nasim Khorassani, Pedram Diba, and Sohrab Motabar. MOAASER embraces freedom of speech, equality, individuals’ voices, non-grading formative assessments, productive conversation, and collaboration. MOAASER runs annual courses starting each winter, focusing on contemporary music theory, analytical thinking, research discussion, active listening, and performative collaboration.

MOAASER’s activities have been supported by generous grants from the University of California San Diego Music Department and Chehre-Azad Endowed Fund.

We register students each Fall. If you are interested, please visit our News page to get information on our next registration.