Our Mission & Vision


At MOAASER, our mission is to reshape the landscape of music education in Iran and beyond, guided by a commitment to inclusivity, creativity, and accessibility. We stand firm in our rejection of traditional exam-based entry and instead embrace a non-exam approach. Every fall, we welcome a new cohort of learners through our annual admission process, setting the stage for a transformative educational journey.

Our annual courses, spanning Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, are meticulously designed to nurture analytical thinking, theoretical depth, critical listening, and the essentials of contemporary music. Our students collaborate to bring these compositions to life, fostering a deep understanding of sonic materials and expanding their creative horizons.

In addressing the challenges faced by music students in Iran, including the isolation of the COVID era, limited access to performers, technical and performative skill gaps, and a stifling lack of artistic freedom, MOAASER stands as a beacon of hope. We provide a space where confidence is nurtured, compositions are performed collaboratively, and support and promotion are readily available.

Furthermore, our commitment extends beyond our students' time with us. Graduates of each year undergo teaching training and join our dedicated team, contributing to the growth and sustainability of our mission. MOAASER envisions a future where music education is characterized by boundless creativity, inclusivity, and empowerment, and we are dedicated to realizing this vision year after year.


MOASSER envisions a collaborative performer-composer community where every individual’s voice is heard and valued, and equality and freedom of speech are celebrated. Our program rejects traditional grading in favor of formative assessments that nurture confidence and engagement through questioning. We strive to empower and support our students, and our collective efforts lead to positive change and a better future for them.