MOAASER, formerly known as MMCiran (founded by Nasim Khorassani), is a tuition-free online music academy co-founded by Nasim Khorassani, Pedram Diba, and Sohrab Motabar, focusing on contemporary experimental music. The academy provides free annual courses on contemporary music theory, analytical thinking, research discussion, active listening, and performative collaboration for students living in Iran. It embraces freedom of speech, equality, individual voices, non-grading formative assessments, productive conversation, and collaboration. MOAASER's long-term goal is to achieve a free, non-hierarchical, equitable, and collaborative music society, and its activities have been supported by generous grants from the University of California San Diego Music Department and Chehre-Azad Endowed Funds. The teaching team at MOAASER includes all three co-founding members and Bahar Royaee.

We register students end of each Fall. If you are interested, please follow us on Instagram and visit our Registration page to register for our courses.