Navay-e Khane (Sounds of Home)

UC San Diego Department of Music

October 6, 2023

About the concert:

NAVAY-E KHANE (نوای خانه) (Sounds of Home) is the US premiere of Moaaser Music Courses works by in^set trio, at UC San Deigo, Conrad Prebys Music Center Experimental Theater on October 6, 2023. Find more about the event here.

This concert features pieces that have been written as the completion of the first round of our annual courses, during 2022-2023. During our free annual course, run by Nasim Khorassani, Pedram Diba, Sohrab Motabar, and Bahar Royaee, our students learn about contemporary music theory and analysis, and how to research, compose, collaborate, and record each others' works. Students' original recordings have already been sent for publication and will be announced soon as well.

You can find the concert program here.

Composers in the program:

Masoud Khordad

Sahar Helmi

Farshad Arshadi

Arghavan Niroumand

Nasim Nabavi

Sohrab Motabar

Great thanks to Ilana Waniuk, Teresa Díaz de Cossio, and David Aguila at in^set trio, this year we had the honor to collaborate with these amazing people to also perform these works! 

Special thanks to UC San Diego Music for supporting our collaboration!