Bahar Royaee


Born and raised in Iran, Bahar Royaee is a music educator and a composer/sound designer who works within the field of concert music and various media arts.The Boston Arts Review praised Bahar’s “haunting sound design” in her work with live theatre. 

Bahar's work has been performed at prominent events such as the Time:Spans 2020 Festival and the 2020 Fromm Foundation Composer Conference, 2022 Tehran Electroacoustic Music Festival, and has won awards such as the Pnea Award, the Roger Session Memorial Composition Award, and the Korourian electroacoustic music award. Bahar, has worked with Claire Chase, Suzzane Farrin, International Contemporary Ensemble, Loadbang, Composer Conference Ensemble, Contemporary Insights of Leipzig, Ensemble der gelbe Klang, Guerrilla Opera, Longleash, Mazumal, Kimia Hesabi, Splice Ensemble, to name a few. 

She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in music composition from City University of New York.